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The Power of Visualisation_ How Software

The Power of Visualisation: How SoftwareMaps works with the human visual perception


Study: Could Time-Series Analysis Revolutionise the way that Engineers Predict Software Defects?

The softwaremap in your company_2x.png

Business Partners: The Software Map in Your Company

The importance of Software Maps through

The importance of Software Maps through the lens of software engineering

Why are software maps in 3D - Visual Ins

Why are SoftwareMaps in 3D? — The Power of Visual Instincts within Software Visualisation Techniques

Interactivity in software maps make you

Better than a boring chart: Interactivity in SoftwareMaps as a different way to show data

Getting in touch with the root (cause)_2

Software visualisation techniques for getting in touch with the root (cause)

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