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Digital Engineering Alliance​

Every corporation has to run a 'Software Factory,' because software is increasingly the main source of value creation in every industry. Corporations need to scale their software development to survive.


We're helping make software engineering a real engineering discipline, so that corporations can be empowered to consistently run their software factories in an effective, scalable way.

In the Industrial Age, corporations had to rigorously organize themselves to achieve economies of scale. This enabled them to grow into huge organizations with immense market power. In the Digital Age, these huge organizations can only survive if they adapt the engineering concepts they learned in the past to this new age.

Digital Engineering is the way to achieve this, with the Digital Engineering Framework serving as a structured collection of KPIs that provide the analytic backbones.

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The Digital Engineering Alliance Provides a Confidential Space for Professional Exchange Among Top IT-Executives

Digitalization impacts all industries. Software eats the world and software production is conquering an ever greater share of value creation in every industry. Not only traditional software providers need to adapt to this phenomenon, but consultancies, manufacturers, service companies as well as almost every other corporation.

Modern IT executives should be open to learning from each other, across industries. Every IT leader is on a similar journey. The Digital Engineering Alliance offers both a framework and a protected space for IT executives to shape the way we organize software factories in the future.


Let’s discuss how digital engineering can shape a new generation of software factories!

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