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Time Flies

Where are your wings?

The global GDP loss from developer time spent on bad code annually sits at around $85 billion. 

Stripe Developer Coefficient Report

SoftwareMaps: the charismatic colleague who will help you get ahead of your codebase

Timely; approachable; pragmatic; knowledgeable

The SoftwareMap is a bit of a cliché when it comes to playing an active role in a company. Coming into its own for its ability to synthesise the facts while operating a concern for accuracy and contextual intuition, it is also simply quite nice to have around.


With KPIs relating to the human effort going into different areas of your system, and filters for specific time intervals, it connects code and people and allows you to understand how human individuals combine with minutes and hours to create shifts in your code.

Accuracy and Contextual Intuition

Discover more about SoftwareMaps in a professional setting

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